Your Digital Wake-Up Call

In recent years, one particular religion has begun making headlines around the world on pretty much a daily basis, as its devotees become more & more uppity, strident, and intrusive -- putting their Seventh Century ideology into practice via terrorist attacks, jihadi insurgencies, riots, “honor” killings, acid attacks, gang rapes, stonings, beheadings, crucifixions, immolations, and a host of other unsavory behaviors.  Meanwhile, many “stealth jihadis” are emigrating to Western countries, where they refuse to assimilate, and demand more & more outrageous concessions, requiring those more humane cultures to adapt to the medieval standards of Islam.  These trends have rapidly accelerated during the second half of 2014, throughout 2015 and 2016, and into early 2017, as True Believers around the globe have become bolder & more aggressive -- more open in their hatred for Western societies, their disdain for liberal ideals, and their predilection for madness & mayhem at the expense of everyone around them.

The Savvy Kafir’s Intro to Islam provides a candid, unflinching look at the religion that keeps making the news, around the world, day after day.  This book attempts to shed some light on just why Islam keeps making the news, and why that news is never pretty. 

This clamorous little text is meant to serve as a wake-up call for my dozy fellow progressives, who seem unaware that we're now engaged in a global war of ideas that's much bigger & more threatening than PC politicians or the mainstream media would have you believe.  A war between radically divergent worldviews that, ultimately, one side will clearly win and the other will unmistakably lose. 

Intro to Islam was written for free-thinking Lefties in the U.S., Europe, and around the world -- for progressive-minded people who are able to step away from the liberal herd, reject groupthink, and examine important issues in a spirit of free inquiry, following the evidence wherever it takes them.  I really hope you’re out there! 

If you’re one of those bold, independent progressives the world so desperately needs, I hope you’ll answer this call to arms -- a call to defend our more enlightened culture from a barbaric, Iron Age ideology that is implacably hostile to free societies and progressive principles. 

Slipping Past the Gatekeepers 

Because of the much-needed candor this book brings to the subject of Islam, it comes to you the only way it can (for now, at least) -- via the magic of the World Wide Web.  As the global threat posed by Islam becomes more & more obvious, perhaps some bold publisher will step forward to take on this controversial project, to give it a wider audience and bring it more into the mainstream.  But the debilitating political correctness that currently paralyzes the Western world makes it difficult to get a book as honest & straightforward as this one past the gatekeepers of the mainstream media, those guardians of tender public sensibilities. 

(This simple fact -- that Islam is the ONLY ideology that cannot be freely criticized or ridiculed in mainstream venues -- really says something about the carefully & energetically maintained myth of a tolerant, enlightened religion that’s totally compatible with democracy, human rights & civilized society.)

But the Internet changes everything!  When it’s not being used for purveying porn or reporting celebrity gossip, the World Wide Web is a powerful, game-changing tool that allows us to slip right past the gatekeepers -- bringing ideas & information directly to the people at the speed of jittery electrons.  Thanks to the efforts of some clever, forward-thinking eggheads (God bless them, every one!), politically incorrect books such as this one can now come to life in digital format, making them available to anyone with a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, anywhere in the world, from Texarkana to Timbuktu ... as long as they don’t live in some repressive Islamic hell-hole like Timbuktu. 

The importance of this advance cannot be overstated, which is why I take every opportunity to crow about it.  The Internet is for the 21st Century what the printing press was in the 15th -- a giant leap forward in mankind’s ability to disseminate knowledge, promote new ideas, and eliminate bad ones via free discussion & open criticism in public venues. 

A Need for Speed!

This book was created with a real sense of urgency, due to recent events around the world, brought to us courtesy of Islam.  It partially consists of material that I began writing several years ago, when I first discovered the disturbing truth about the Muslim religion while doing research for a novel.  This project has languished on the back burner for too long now, developed in spurts, whenever I had the time and the counter-jihadi spirit moved me. 

One development in particular hastened the initial publication, in eBook format -- the creation of a new caliphate by hardcore Islamists in Syria & Iraq, who have gone by the names ISIS, ISIL, and the Islamic State -- an event that has had powerful & varied implications, as Muslims from around the world answer the new caliph’s call to jihad, with thousands of young Allah junkies pouring into the war zone from all over Europe, as well as from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and various Muslim nations, to fight for the creation of an Islamic super-state with global ambitions.  At last count (and this was months ago), some thirty thousand newly-minted jihadis from more than one hundred countries have gone to assist with that grand project.  And it's not just testosterone-raging teenage males who are drawn to this holy war in far-off desert lands.  Young Muslim women have also been leaving the safety of their homes in Western Europe to join the conflict in Syria & Iraq, sometimes serving as fighters or suicide bombers, and sometimes as “war brides”.  Meanwhile, other Muslims have been inspired to carry out terrorist attacks in the name of the new caliphate, from Pakistan to France to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and points in between.  And many others have become emboldened stealth jihadis, working to undermine their adopted societies in the West with a new pride & enhanced vigor -- some of them now dispensing with stealth altogether as they become more & more confident, strident, and assertive.  The rise of the new caliphate, and the enthusiastic response it has elicited in devout Muslims around the globe, has suddenly put the slow, steady drift towards World War III on the fast track. 

But the savagery of the new caliphate (where medieval horrors such as beheadings in marketplaces, crucifixions by roadsides, the stoning of homosexuals, selling captive women into sexual slavery, and burying women and children alive have been brought back into vogue) is just the biggest, most attention-grabbing development in a global war of ideologies that is suddenly accelerating at an alarming rate -- at a rate that’s surprising even for those of us who have been watching for years as Muslims around the world have become increasingly hostile and openly imperialistic. 

In recent years, we’ve seen a rash of disturbing incidents and trends in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, the UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, the Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, southern Thailand, the southern Philippines, Chechnya, Bosnia, and elsewhere in the Muslim world -- and, more importantly, in the Western world, including the U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, among other places, where the True Believers are becoming ever-more aggressive in promoting their retrograde agenda … while many non-Muslims still fail to properly identify the enemy, and continue to capitulate to Muslim demands like craven dhimmis. 

One powerful kick in the ass that really got me moving was the murder of twelve people at the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7th, 2015 -- a brazen assault on free speech and freedom of the press by Muslim thugs who left the scene shouting that they had avenged the Prophet Muhammad -- setting into motion three days of lethal violence aimed at Jews, police officers, and other infidels, punctuated by the now-familiar battle cry of “Allahu akbar!”  (“Allah is greatest!”)  This event dramatically illustrated, for anyone who’s paying attention, the fact that devout Muslims have once again declared war on Western civilization, and that eliminating free speech is a top priority for these dedicated soldiers of Allah.  For anyone who values human rights, the only reasonable response to this attack on civilized society is to vigorously re-assert this fundamental right, and to put it into practice with more resolve than ever before.  We should all take to heart the bold defiance expressed by slain Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Stéphane Charbonnier (a.k.a. “Charb”): “I'd prefer to die on my feet than to live on my knees.”  Infidels around the world and from across the political spectrum should embrace the slogan “Je suis Charlie”, in a show of solidarity with those brave martyrs to free speech.   

Then, on February 14th, 2015, a Muslim in Copenhagen, Denmark fired on a group of non-Muslims attending a panel discussion on free speech, killing one man.  The jihadi then went to a synagogue, where he shot a Jewish security guard in the head, killing him.  He fired on police officers, wounding five of them, before he was finally killed.  The audio recording of the attack at the free speech seminar is chilling and poignantly symbolic -- people sitting around, having a civilized conversation, when suddenly the shooting starts and chaos ensues.  (The recording is available on the BBC site at www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-31472745.) 

Yet another violent assault on free speech was made on May 3rd, 2015, when two American Muslims showed up with semi-automatic assault rifles at a Draw Muhammad event in Garland, Texas.  The Muhammad Art Exhibition and Cartoon Contest was hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, headed by Pamela Geller, and by Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch -- the idea being to make a stand for free speech in the face of ever-intensifying Islamist bullying.  Fortunately, the event organizers had taken the necessary security precautions, and the self-described holy warriors only managed to wound an unarmed security guard before being shot down by an off-duty police officer working security.  The Islamic State based in Syria & Iraq has rather dubiously claimed responsibility for the attack and, much more believably, assured us that worse is coming.  After the attack, a representative of the Islamic State vowed that they will kill Pamela Geller, saying: “We will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter”.  One of the gunmen -- one Elton Simpson, aka “Shariah is Light” -- had posed the rhetorical question: “When will the kuffar (that’s us!) understand and stop insulting the prophet?”  If many PC Americans & Europeans get their way, that day won’t be long in coming.  In the wake of this attack, assorted left-wing pundits and opinion-makers (and even some conservatives) have once again been calling for limits on free speech, and assigning blame to the event organizers for “provoking” sensitive Muslims who, once again, just could not refrain from using violence in defending their “peaceful, tolerant” religion against hurtful images & ideas. 

Free speech is under attack!  And, throughout the Western world, politicians and the mainstream media have capitulated without a fight.  That means it’s up to us.  The cultural counter-jihad must be fostered on the Internet -- and at the office water cooler, at cocktail parties (try not to be a buzz kill!), and in all other available venues -- until our cowardly political “leaders” and the chicken-hearted “journalists” running the major news outlets take the time to educate themselves on this issue, and find the balls to begin speaking the truth.  We need to promote the truth, until politically correct liars & obfuscators find themselves looking more & more absurd -- painting themselves into a corner, surrounded by inescapable realities.  We need to create more targets for angry Muslim thugs intent on putting an end to free speech.  Lots more.  If enough of us speak up, the bastards can’t kill all of us.  More targets means less risk for all critics of Islam.

We need to make it clear to all Muslims -- violent jihadis, stealth jihadis, and tender-hearted moderates alike -- that we will not be silenced.  Not for any reason, or by any means.  Not in the interest of political correctness.  Not to avoid offending those timid “moderate” Muslims we’re always hearing about; the ones who do so incredibly little to help our cause.  And not for the sake of our own physical safety.  The time to do this is now.  The gauntlet has been thrown down by pious savages promoting the world’s most toxic ideology.  Infidels everywhere, and of all political persuasions, need to answer this challenge in a robust & unequivocal fashion. 

There’s an urgent need for progressives in the West to understand what we’re witnessing throughout the Muslim world today -- and to recognize the growing threat we’re facing in Europe, the U.S., and other parts of the civilized world, at the hands of people motivated by ancient religious fantasies, ancient hatreds, and a 1400-year-old mandate to conquer and subjugate that is still taken very seriously by millions of devout Muslims -- including many of those seemingly moderate ones living among us, as polls have consistently shown, ever since the events of September 11th, 2001 aroused public curiosity about such things. 

UPDATE: January 18th, 2017 --  A new issue has developed that needs to be addressed just as urgently as the restoration of free speech.  For the last two years, a massive flood of Muslims has been pouring into Europe, in a program supported by the PC bureaucrats who run the European Union, and by various Western European governments, as well as the mainstream press -- a program that, unless it is halted very quickly, will amount to cultural suicide for Western Europe.  Some liberals (such as outgoing president Obama) are determined to bring many thousands of these “refugees” to the U.S., in spite of the obvious risks to American lives, and the predictable consequences of importing proponents of a medieval, imperialistic ideology. 

Some of these new arrivals are refugees from war-torn Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.  Others are simply using the chaos of war to seek better economic opportunities, including generous welfare handouts -- as shown by their refusal to settle in countries with less-attractive welfare benefits.  75% of the immigrants are men -- not the women and children the media keep showing us and telling us about.  Many of them are single, military-age men, behaving in a very aggressive manner, as seen in videos from throughout Europe -- not the meek supplicants or downtrodden victims depicted by the mainstream media.  And some are Islamic State jihadis, posing as refugees in order to infiltrate Europe.  This dramatic influx of Muslims has already led to a dramatic increase in rape, sexual assaults, and other forms of violence against non-Muslims, and in brazen declarations from devout Muslims of their intent to use this situation as an opportunity to conquer Europe via immigration & demographics.

On the night of Friday, November 13th, 2015, Islamic State gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 civilians in Paris and wounded hundreds more, in a well-orchestrated series of attacks carried out in six locations.  Some of these jihadis had recently slipped into Europe, posing as Syrian war refugees. 

During New Year’s celebrations in Cologne, Germany on December 31st, 2015, hundreds of non-Muslim women were sexually assaulted by large groups of Muslim immigrant men.  The same thing happened in several other European cities, without receiving as much attention from the media.  Meanwhile, Christians at refugee centers in Europe have repeatedly been brutalized by Muslims, Christian boys have been raped by Muslim immigrant men at public swimming pools, etc., etc., etc.  Jihadi attacks have been carried out with guns, knives, machetes, axes, and automobiles more & more frequently in various European countries throughout 2016, to the point that they’re no longer a surprise to anyone.  They’ve become a “normal” part of European life.

If the massive tide of Muslims sweeping into Europe is not halted, it’s certain that we’ll continue to see many more of these attacks, as promised by Islamic State spokesmen and by trigger-happy Allah junkies already living in the West.  But the problem is much bigger than that.  The real threat is the rapid Islamization of Europe via immigration and out-breeding the local infidels -- which is now set to happen much more quickly than anyone previously expected.  This development looks extremely ominous to cultural counter-jihadis everywhere.  But many liberals are simply not paying attention, and refuse to see where this will inevitably lead. 

The migrant crisis in Europe has created an even greater sense of urgency, in terms of my desire to help educate my fellow progressives on this issue, so that effective action can be taken, before it’s too late. 

Some Key Points to Get Out of the Way

1)  This book is NOT about hate.  The Savvy Kafir is too happy to be a hater.  But not so blissed-out as to be unperturbed by a barbaric, woman-hating, freedom-squelching ideology with hordes of violence-prone True Believers, who are just aching to drag us all back into the Seventh Century and make us slaves to ancient superstition.  That sort of jangling, in-your-face insanity does manage to puncture my cozy little bubble of bourbon-fueled bonhomie from time to time -- and from my left-leaning, femme-loving, liberty-addicted perspective, that whole scenario seems more than a little fucked up.  Toss in the fact that I consider religious superstition to be the greatest impediment to intellectual, moral, and spiritual enlightenment, and the result is a politically incorrect book that treats Islam with exactly as much respect as it deserves, and gives faint-hearted multiculturalists the "vapors”. 

2)  This book is NOT about racism.  Islam is not a race -- in any sense of the word -- but an ideology shared by people of various races & ethnicities around the world, including Arabs, Persians, Berbers, Tuaregs, Pashtuns, Indians, Thais, Uighurs, Chechens, Bosnians, Somalis, Sudanese, Indonesians, Malaysians, and Filipinos, among others.  Furthermore, I have nothing but respect for former Muslims who have rejected barbarism & superstition, regardless of their race/color/ethnicity.  And I consider boneheaded white converts to Islam to be just as great a threat to human rights & human decency as brown Muslims from Pakistan or black ones from Nigeria.  The trick, which many of my fellow Lefties have not yet mastered, is to ignore skin color, language and geography, and focus instead on the ideas that motivate people, and on their resulting actions.  Race has nothing to do with it.  

3)  If white people behaved in the ways that millions of dusky-hued Muslims do on a regular basis, liberals would be literally foaming at the mouth in their condemnation of them.  On MSNBC, they would never shut up about those vile, child-marrying, wife-beating, honor-killing, blasphemer-butchering, homo-hanging Scandinavian bastards.  But since the miscreants (and the victims, for the most part) are swarthy people in (or from) "developing" nations, the opinion-makers in the mainstream media, and the sheeple who follow their lead, seem to have nothing but respect for their culture & religion.  Apparently they get a special Brown People Dispensation, and are thus beyond reproach.  That, of course, is bullshit.  Bad behavior is bad behavior, regardless of who is hacking off their pubescent daughter's genitalia, or stoning someone to death. 

4)  This is a critique of an ideology -- an ideology that is inherently hostile to free speech, freedom of the press, women’s rights, gay rights and other fundamental human (and animal) rights -- principles that all progressives should support wholeheartedly and without equivocation.  Islam's brutal subjugation of women and girls should be reason enough to make all liberals unite in heated opposition to it.  And the fact that this has not happened indicates that something very strange & unlikely is going on here, between Islam and the political left.   

5)  The idea that Muslims should somehow be exempt from having their religion criticized (or ridiculed), in a way that Catholics, Mormons, Scientologists, and Christian Creationists are not, is a bigoted position, because it’s based upon the assumption that they are too uncivilized, too savage, or too culturally immature to handle it.  It’s actually more respectful to treat them as adults, like everyone else, and expect them to deal with criticism (and ridicule) without reacting violently, just like everyone else.   

6)  Some cultures are clearly far more enlightened & humane than others.  A brief look at what goes on in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, or Somalia -- compared to the social norms of, say, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, or pre-Islamic Sweden -- makes this fact inescapable.  Cultural relativism is a lie, and it serves no purpose, except to prevent backward cultures from engaging in the kind of honest self-criticism that leads to the development of happier, healthier, more progressive societies.

7)  Political correctness is totally counter to the spirit of free speech, and prevents the discussion of important truths.  It might make superficial people feel more comfortable, but it has serious, real-life consequences.  Political correctness is an unacceptable hindrance for serious people who want to see the world become a better place. 

8)  I realize that the U.S. government has made some spectacularly stupid blunders in the Muslim world.  The 2003 invasion of Iraq stands out as a prime example.  Certain European nations, such as Britain, France, Spain, and Italy have made similar blunders.  But that does not undermine my assertions regarding Islam in the slightest.  Muslim armies were invading Spain, Portugal and France in the 8th Century, a thousand years before the United States existed, and three centuries before the first Christian Crusades were launched from Europe.  Muslims waged aggressive wars of conquest in Europe for nearly a thousand years -- right up until the moment they were no longer able to do so -- wars that were mandated by their religion and motivated by religious fantasy, as well as the lust for land, booty, tribute and slaves.  Furthermore, most of the barbarism of Islam is visited upon Muslims (especially women and girls), and upon non-Muslims who have no association with the United States, Europe, or Israel -- an important fact that seems to be totally lost upon most liberals.  Islam is what it is; and the present-day political grievances of Muslims in certain parts of the world have no bearing on the central tenets of a savage, misogynistic, totalitarian ideology that has existed in its current form for fourteen hundred years. 

9)  I realize that the Christian Bible also contains some shockingly bad ideas, and that many terrible things have been done in the name of that religion.  Also, I’m convinced that Christian theology represents crude fantasy & superstition, rather than reality, just as Islamic theology does.  But this book is about Islam; and the misdeeds and lunacy of Christianity are another subject for another time.  This book is NOT about Islam vs. Christianity.  It’s about Islam vs. reason, science, sanity, compassion, freedom, democracy, human rights, animal rights, and life

10)  Ultimately, the problem here is religion in general -- a problem of people accepting “revealed” truths without real evidence, and confidently acting upon those beliefs, regardless of the consequences.  Magic-thinking still causes a vast amount of mischief and misery around the world, and prevents the development of more enlightened intellects & moral codes.  That being said, no other religion in the 21st Century continues to promote medieval barbarism on such an epic scale as Muhammad’s “spiritual” legacy.  Islam is religion taken to its most diabolic extreme.

A Crash Course

This book is designed to serve as a crash course for my fellow progressives, quickly bringing them up to speed regarding the true nature of Islam, and the threat it poses to human rights and free, democratic societies.  My aim with this project is to shine a bright light on this lethal ideology, so that well-meaning but misinformed Lefties can begin to see it in all of its bloody, benighted glory.  Here you'll discover many of the basic facts regarding the Religion of Peace.  Its origins & mythology.  Its founding prophet.  Its central texts & tenets.  Its rambunctious fourteen-hundred-year history.  The types of societies it tends to create.  And what it has in mind for you, Gentle Infidel. 

As Islam’s war on the world heats up, I’ll be writing about this subject in greater depth and detail.  In the meantime, this first edition of Intro to Islam is meant to help get the ball rolling -- alerting progressives to the threat we’re facing, as trailblazing liberals such as Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Pat Condell, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali have been doing for years -- and announcing to the world that a left-wing cultural counter-jihad does exist, and it’s here to stay, in spite of the efforts of politically-correct liberals to shout it down and discredit it. 

The Savvy Kafir Challenge

I challenge even the most rabidly PC liberal to read this book in its entirety, and still cling to the comforting illusion that Islam is a peaceful, tolerant, enlightened religion that gives us no cause for alarm.  If you really want to know the truth regarding the world’s fastest-growing religion -- as opposed to mild, reassuring assessments that sound nice, but have no basis in reality -- I invite you to simply examine the evidence for yourself with an open mind.  If you approach the book in that manner, I’m confident you’ll come away convinced that this is one issue on which the liberal community has gotten it wrong.   

The evidence is simply so compelling that soon you’ll be wondering how you could have failed to see the truth regarding this savage ideology.  As one of the recently awaken, you’ll be mystified as to how so many millions of liberals could have been bamboozled into swallowing the Religion of Peace myth, misled by the mainstream media, by PC political “leaders”, by deceitful stealth jihadis, and by the zealous, ill-informed defenders of Islam found on left-wing Internet forums and online journals. 

If you’re one of those determined champions of Islam who has no interest in honestly examining the evidence, I still challenge you to read this book.  Why?  Because I’m an incurable optimist, and ya just never know...

An Honest Look at Islam, in a Liberal-Friendly Environment

There's a lot of confusion in the West regarding Islam -- especially among progressives, because we're only programmed to mistrust religious fanatics of the Bible-thumping, evolution-denying, queer-hating American variety.  The others, we're told, are really just victims of something or other.  But somehow the evidence confronting us from around the world doesn't seem to match up with the bland reassurances of the politically-correct types, or the passionate denials of dissembling Muslims. 

Still, maybe you don't trust the harsh assessments of Islam offered by some of the more outspoken right-wingers, because: 1) They're right-wingers, and tend to get just about everything else wrong; and 2) Their criticism of Islam is often accompanied by smug praise for their own Iron Age religion, involving the worship of a dead guy on a stick -- so just how objective (or astute) can they be? 

That's where Intro to Islam comes in!  An honest, clear-eyed appraisal of Muhammad's desert dogma, from an honest-to-God, tree-hugging, SUV-hating, voted-for-Obama progressive.  Sound unlikely?  A little surreal, perhaps?  Is that the theme from The Twilight Zone you're suddenly hearing?  Well, stick around, 'cause it gets weirder!

A PC-Free Zone

In this book, Political Correctness and Cultural Sensitivity will not stand in the way of honesty, common sense, or the basic instinct to survive.  I'm sure of it.  Because my first move was to slip a Mickey into the warm milk & cookies of those annoying, sissy-boy conventions.  They've been tumbled into the trunk of a car, driven out into the desert, and dumped in a ditch someplace, shoeless, with their pants around their ankles.  We won't be hearing from them anytime soon.  That means you'll get the straight dope on Islam, from a perspective that values truthfulness and the well-being of free, progressive societies far more than the hypersensitive feelings of religious fanatics. 

And you'll get that appraisal without being subjected to any cheerleading for Christianity, or any other hocus-pocus religion based on a magic book.  And without any sneering commentary on godless liberals, or the "myth” of climate change, or speculation on whether or not Obama is, in fact, the Dark Lord himself.  (BTW: He's much too ineffective for that role.  Satan gets stuff done! ... or so I'm told.)

With the Savvy Kafir, reason rules.  Reason and a 21st Century morality based purely upon empathy, compassion, and a desire to serve the Greater Good.  Even if serving the Greater Good requires some straight talk … or straight shooting. 

Total Candor: The Savvy Kafir Pledge

After careful consideration, I’ve decided that I’m just not interested in placating Muslims -- any Muslims -- or their PC allies.  Not in any way.  Not for any reason.  Time is too short, and the situation too dire, for dealing in the sort of half-truths (or outright falsehoods) we’re fed by vote-whoring politicians and a mainstream media that are clearly terrified of offending Muslims.  I simply do not share that compunction. 

In fact, I find that the more I learn about Islam, the less I care if my criticism of it offends anyone who embraces or supports this religion in any way -- any more than I would have worried about the hurt feelings of Nazis, or their nefarious supporters in Britain and the United States, had I been writing in the 1930s and ‘40s.  (Not even those “moderate” Nazis, who voted for Hitler’s party, and considered Mein Kampf a thoughtful wedding gift, who had their kids join the Hitler Youth, and helped to keep the whole project going, but didn’t take part in any actual Jew-killing or blitzkrieg-ing themselves.)  And the fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world makes me no more inclined to show their barbaric religion any respect.  The numbers just don’t matter, in terms of legitimizing an ideology.  It’s only the ideas & the agendas promoted by an ideology that make it worthy of respect … or not. 

It’s not my intention to offend gullible, superstition-besotted Allah junkies.  I can honestly say this because my writing is not meant for them; my message is intended for my fellow infidels.  After years of mulling it over, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve really got nothing to say to Muslims, except for the obvious: “Stop being Muslims!”  But the forces of Islam have declared war on us, and I’m fighting back; and I’m quite willing to sacrifice any tender Muslim feelings that wander into my line of fire as I give an honest accounting of this hostile ideology.

Bottom line:  I won’t be pulling any punches here.  This will be full-contact religion bashing.  The sort of honest, hard-hitting criticism that is badly needed, if infidels in the West are to learn the truth about their enemy, before it’s too late. 

A Celebration of Life & Western Culture

The True Believers of Islam often tell us: “We love death as you love life!”  And, by all indications, we can take them at their word on this.  Islam is a global death cult.  And, for a religious skeptic who values this life and this world, that sort of thing is deeply troubling.  That sort of strident, visceral disdain for the present life & the real world is what brought us the Dark Ages, in a Europe enthralled with the most unwholesome aspects of Christian theology. 

The devout Muslim’s mandate is to keep all of us living in the Dark Ages, just as they do in Islamic societies today, where people remain intently focused on a nonexistent Paradise, and an equally vivid vision of Hell, and consequently create backward, unenlightened cultures scattered around the globe, wherever Muhammad’s creed holds sway.  But I refuse to submit to violent thugs or pious savages; and this book is my way of saying so -- with a roscoe on my desk and a twinkle in my eye.

My goal has been to infuse this book with an ebullient, life-affirming spirit, to act as an antidote to the grim subject matter -- and to serve as a cheery “Fuck you!” to dour, life-disdaining Islamists everywhere.  And ... just because!  Because life is much bigger than this conflict -- and much grander, more beautiful, and more precious than our enemies in this fight have ever imagined; and it’s important to keep that in mind, so we don’t lose sight of what we’re fighting for. 

If I could offer just one piece of advice to Muslims, I’d probably 'jack the slogan of the anti-abortion folks ... give it my own wannabe-surfer flavoring ... broaden its meaning just as broad as it can go, and practically scream at Ahmed: “Choose LIFE, dude!”  

Chances are, Ahmed would tell me to go fuck myself -- he’s got his sights set on a never-ending seventy-three-way with some hot celestial virgins.  So instead I’d like to ask you, Dear Reader, to choose life!  Reject Islam.  Resist its toxic influence in the West.  And help to keep the world full of life, love, and happiness.  All the things that Islam is not. 

An important secondary goal of this book is to remind my fellow Lefties of the advantages & benefits of Western culture -- to sing the greatness of that culture, imperfect though it may be.  Many liberals, befuddled by cultural relativism, White Guilt, and the Hate America First Syndrome, have lost sight of the intellectual & moral advantages of the civilization we've inherited from the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Italian Renaissance, the English Renaissance, the European and American Enlightenments, the Scientific Revolution, and from continued advances in science, philosophy, and the moral zeitgeist over the last three centuries.  Modern European and American societies, and European offshoots in Canada, Australia, and elsewhere, are far from perfect.  But they are, by far, the best the world has yet produced; and they do offer the best hope for the future.  And it's important to bear those facts in mind when assessing an alien ideology that aims to replace our culture with the mindset & moral values of Seventh Century Arabia.  

On one level, this book represents a joyous celebration of our (relatively) enlightened, humane, life-embracing culture -- and an attempt to undermine the cynicism of liberals raised on the musings of self-hating, cultural relativist, postmodern intellectuals who appear totally immune to evidence, reason, and common sense.  I want to remind my fellow left-leaning infidels what's at stake in this global clash of ideas, and convince them that our culture is worth fighting for, in spite of its flaws.  My contention is that what we have in 21st Century "Western" societies is excellent material for creating a truly enlightened world ... if we can avoid taking a giant step backward, due to the influence and coercion of Islam.  

A Nightmare Religion

You've no doubt noticed that Islamic culture appears totally antithetical to the sort of open, progressive society we Lefties cherish.  And, in spite of all the assurances from Muslim apologists (and from such imminent Western thinkers as George W. Bush) that "Islam is a religion of peace", if you're like many people, you're not entirely convinced -- although you may not admit to that doubt in polite company.  On a visceral level, you probably realize that something smells not quite right in the world of burqas & beheadings.  But what, exactly, is the source of that funk?

If you get your info regarding Islam from NPR, CNN, the BBC, and other PC venues, you've heard repeatedly since 9/11 that the violence, misogyny and mayhem are not inherent to the religion itself, but are the results of unrelated "cultural" quirks.  We're told that the suicide bombings, the jihadi insurgencies, the murderous rioting over cartoons and films, the "honor" killings of daughters and wives and sisters, the imprisonment and execution of rape victims, the female genital mutilations, the acid attacks on school girls and young women, the forced marriages of pre-teen girls to elderly men, the widespread wife-beating (promoted by Islamic scholars), the shrouding of women in burqas, the gang rapes, sexual assaults, and sexual slavery of non-Muslim women, the calculated use of their own women and children as human shields, the burying of “heretic” women and children alive, the immolations of teachers and enemy pilots, the crucifixions of enemy soldiers, the slavery in royal households, the judicial amputations, the stonings of adulterers, the public hangings of homosexuals (or throwing them off the roofs of tall buildings, then stoning them, and filming it all for public consumption), the gruesome beheadings of apostates and non-Muslim captives, the Sunni/Shiite massacres, the genocidal anti-Semitism, the virulent hostility towards outsiders, the creation of “No-Go” zones in European cities that infidels don’t dare to enter, Muslim gangs roaming the streets of European cities enforcing Sharia codes on Muslims and infidels alike, the murder of cartoonists and filmmakers in Western cities, the shooting of non-Muslim co-workers while screaming “Allahu akbar!”, and the creation of a new, super-savage caliphate named “the Islamic State” (enthusiastically supported by devout Muslims around the world), are all the results of, well ... something else.  Maybe it's poverty.  A lack of education.  "Cultural" hangovers from a barbaric past.  "Tribal" traditions.  Political oppression.  European and American imperialism.  The PC types have all sorts of theories.  The only thing they seem to agree upon is that it has nothing to do with Islam.     

Or, at most, they'll tell us that these horrors are the products of a tragic, and apparently commonplace, misreading of what is actually an enlightened, peace-loving religion.  A religion that rejects these monstrous behaviors in the strongest possible terms ... but, regrettably, can't seem to go five minutes without being hijacked by bloodthirsty, misogynistic savages.  None of these spokesmen for Islam has yet explained why it’s always Muslims who seem to “misinterpret” their religion with such horrific and utterly predictable consequences, rather than Quakers, Jains or Unitarians.  And the more savage the Allah junkies become, the more vociferously & desperately the apologists insist that we all accept the politically correct article of faith about Islam being a peaceful, tolerant, enlightened religion that’s totally compatible with Western culture, and every bit as worthy of our respect.   

But in reality, Islam is a nightmare religion.  (If it's being done properly, anyway.)  In fact, the more you study it, the more horrifying it becomes.  And the more obvious it becomes that the "radicals", "extremists", and "fundamentalists" are practicing Islam exactly the way the Prophet Muhammad intended.  The way he himself practiced it, only without the aid of modern weaponry, social media, or fuel-laden jetliners.  And the more you learn about it, the more apparent it becomes that this barbaric, maladaptive religion should no longer be allowed to maintain the air of respectability it currently enjoys in the more PC venues of Western society.  It's time for all of us to start being brutally honest regarding this brutal ideology.  Time to revoke the free pass that Islam demands, and too often receives, from its intended victims in the West. 

Jihad & Counter-Jihad

We're in for a fight, whether we want it or not, and whether it's to be fought with words or bullets.  When the enemy is attacking you with everything he’s got, you’re either fighting back, running away, or getting your ass kicked.  And these days, we’re mostly getting our asses kicked -- especially on the battleground where it matters most: the arena of public opinion, where we’re suffering mainly from self-inflicted wounds. 

It’s time to get busy working to neutralize our enemy's perverted program, with vocal, determined opposition.  With an informed public that values basic freedoms more than platitudes & political correctness.  With governments that vigorously defend free speech & freedom of the press against hostile, intolerant, would-be theocrats.  With sensible programs of foreign policy, based upon a realistic appraisal of Islam and the threat it poses to civilized societies.  With immigration (and deportation) policies designed to halt the aggressive spread of Islamism throughout the Western world, and to reverse that sinister trend.  With clean, renewable, locally-produced energy sources that allow us to stop funding the enemy.  And with total, taqiyya-confronting, myth-deflating candor

And, who knows?  Maybe it'll work. 

If not, and you happen to live in France, for instance, then you'd better sharpen your savate skills, mon ami.  And oil up grand-père's old Grande Puissance.  And get ready to defend Mdme. Liberté once again (this time with a little more enthusiasm, one would hope) against the latest breed of fascist invaders -- the Islamofascist immigrants currently torching cars, raping infidel women, intimidating shop owners, creating "No-Go” zones for non-Muslims, closing down public streets and sidewalks for Friday prayer meetings, murdering Jews, gunning down cartoonists while screaming “Allahu akbar!”, using their cars to mow down pedestrians while screaming “Allahu akbar!”, strangling police officers while screaming the same chilling war cry, and generally creating havoc in Gay Paree.  Otherwise, your grandkids may have to trade in their Capri pants and jaunty berets for burqas and beards, and replace hanging out in cafés smoking Gauloises and reading existential novels with groveling on their knees facing Mecca five times a day.

Sound like crazy-talk?  Alarmist ranting?  If so, then you haven't been paying attention for the last fourteen hundred years.  Because these guys are serious about their religion.  And they’re rapidly (and intentionally) out-breeding their non-Muslim neighbors in France and many other Western countries, in the most ominous form of jihad: the Demographic Jihad, which, by comparison, makes suicide bombers look like a bunch of noisy, ineffectual glory hounds.

Putting Islamists on Notice

We need to get serious about putting a halt to the Islamization of Europe and other parts of the Western world.  And to do this, we have to abandon political correctness and openly put our ideological foes on notice.  Instead of helping Muslims to feel more comfortable in their hellish religion, by pretending to respect it, we need to hang out a great big sign that reads:

Barbaric Iron Age ideologies are not welcome here!

Again, this has nothing to do with "racism".  This is about a hostile ideology -- not skin color, language, or preferences in food or fashion.  This is easily proven by the fact that former Muslims are warmly welcomed by cultural counter-jihadis in the West (including Yours Truly), even though their skin is still brown and they still have the funny accent.

It's not about "bigotry" or "prejudice" or "Islamophobia", either.  It's about the survival of the most enlightened cultures the world has ever produced.  Cultures that some very clever people went to a lot of trouble to develop & foster over the last six or seven centuries, braving the fiery wrath of our own native brand of religious zealotry, until Christianity could finally be tamed.  It's about defending the progressive ideals we supposedly stand for, against a threat that's very real.  Against enemies who are very, very determined.  And well-funded.  And willing to kill, and die, for the most retrograde ideology on earth. 

The Good Fight

If ever there was a "Good Fight", this is it.  Not even World War II involved such a clear-cut case of Good vs. Evil, or had so much hanging in the balance, in terms of the future wellbeing of mankind.  This is not over-heated rhetoric, but a realistic appraisal of the situation, as you'll discover as you continue to peruse this book.  I say this because the end goals of the Islamists are even more sinister than those of the Nazis and the Japanese of WWII.  Their vision of a "pure" society is even more hellish than anything dreamt up by the fevered brain of Hitler or the racists of Imperial Japan. 

If you believe in progressive ideals and support progressive agendas, you need to get involved, before the essential tools/weapons of free speech & freedom of the press are sacrificed completely in the interests of political correctness and political pandering.  The struggle over free speech is the front line in this war.  And we've already lost a lot of ground there, both in Western Europe, where, in some countries, criticizing Islam has become a criminal offense, and in the U.S., where stating a commonly-held opinion  about Muslims on airliners can get you fired from National Public Radio. 

For the concerned citizen in the Western world, the first order of business is reversing this dangerous trend.  We need to halt the steady erosion of our essential liberties, and vigorously re-assert our right to speak plainly & openly about important issues, even if this means "offending" our ideological enemies, who have no qualms whatsoever about giving offense to us. 

By simply reading this book, you’re striking a blow in the fight to defend free speech -- because speech doesn’t get any freer, or more straightforward, than this!  And because Islam is the one topic we are absolutely forbidden to discuss honestly. 

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