Handbook for Infidels
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This site's modest aim is to save the Civilized World, with a minimal amount of effort, by bringing well-meaning but misinformed progressives up to speed on the grim realities of Islam and the threat it poses to everything we
People are just people.  Right?
Allah's faithful preparing to stone
a woman to death in Iran, circa 1992.
Family values in Palestine.
A tender-hearted (and stylish) devotee of the Religion of Peace.
Ladies!  Nice to (almost) see you!  Apparently some Muslims believe it's just impossible to say anything stupid, as long as your heartfelt convictions are inspired by Islam.
Not the sort of guys I want to see influencing Western politics or culture.  (Women's fashion, in particular.)
This is the real danger.  (This, and spinelessness on our part.)
These are not equally sane worldviews.  (And it's okay to say so.)
It's time to halt the spread of Seventh Century insanity -- even if some
Muslim feelings get hurt in the process.
I will laugh.  And so should you.
British liberal Pat Condell gives politically correct appeasers of Islam a good talking-to.
Let's prove these assholes wrong.  Let's do everything in our power to ensure that democracy, liberty, critical thinking, human rights, and basic human decency will dominate the world, instead of barbarism, misogyny, ignorance, and superstition.
Western culture vs. Islamic culture:
a celebration of what's at stake, and a grim reminder of what's coming our way.
Website & Book

This site is designed to complement my forthcoming book, Handbook for Infidels, providing excerpts from the book, and serving as an Internet hub that connects the reader to various organizations dedicated to the counter-jihad, and to websites providing a wealth of information on Islam and its influence in the West. 

The site includes a photo gallery containing compelling images from the world of Islam, and a video gallery that allows you to hear the truth about Islam from the mouths of the True Believers themselves, and observe their actions in the U.S., in various European countries, and in Muslim countries around the world. 

It includes an online bookstore (via Amazon), presenting a good selection of books and DVDs for anyone wishing to continue their research.  And it provides links to web-based campaigns, boycotts and petitions aiming to thwart the insidious influence of Islam in Western countries. 

The site will be updated regularly, to keep you on the cutting edge of Counter-Jihad Hip!
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(I think they're commies!)
savvy / sa-vē / (informal):  Shrewd and knowledgeable.

kafir / kaf-er / (Islam):  An infidel or unbeliever.

The Savvy Kafir:  A freedom-loving tree hugger dedicated to driving a stake through the heart of religious superstition.
(People who know Islam from the inside-out.)
(Good for what ails us!)
Lefties are supposed to stand for.  Things  like democracy, free speech, freedom of the press, women's rights, and other essential human (and animal) rights.

Caution!   The Savvy Kafir is a PC-free zone!  On this site, political correctness, cultural relativism, and religious sensitivities are openly flaunted, ridiculed, and disparaged.  This material is intended for grown-up,
free-thinking progressives who are able to step away from the liberal herd, reject groupthink, and examine each issue on its own merits.  If that sounds like you, Welcome, and enjoy your visit!
Excerpts from the Handbook