People are just people...
...until religion makes them insane.
"People are basically the same everywhere." 
"We all want the same things in life." 
"All religions teach the same principles." 
"People are just people; it's politics that cause all of these problems." 

How many times have you heard these comforting platitudes, when people are discussing the topic of Islam?   It should be painfully obvious by now that people are most definitely not the same everywhere.

How many atheists have you seen blowing themselves up among crowds of Jews or Christians? 

How many people have been stoned to death by agnostics? 

How many pubescent girls have been held down to a table by their secular humanist mothers while their genitalia was brutally hacked away, to prevent them from experiencing sexual pleasure?

How many pious Baptists have cut the throats of their daughters, or burned them alive, for dating the wrong boy? 

How many Episcopalians have thrown battery acid in the faces of young girls for the "crime" of attending school?

How many former Methodists have been executed by the state, or murdered by their families, for the "crime" of abandoning their faith?  (They haven't come for me yet.)

This list could go on and on and on.

The obvious truth is, if people were the same, they would act the same.  If people wanted the same things in life, they would act accordingly.  Sure, people may be born more or less the same.  But a lifetime of indoctrination in barbarous superstition (or enlightened philosophy) has a major effect on the type of people they ultimately become.

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Handbook for Infidels

The Savvy Kafir's Guide to
Islam & its War on the West
The idea that we're all basically the same is a dangerous myth.  Islamists everywhere understand that they are very different from us.  They realize that their vision of how the world should be ordered, and how life should be lived, has nothing in common with the secular progressive societies of the West.   

But Western liberals have been "sucking on the crack pipe of cultural relativism" (as Pat Condell puts it) for so long that many Lefties seem unable to believe that Western ideals and Western morals could actually be more enlightened than those of poor brown people living in hard-to-pronounce regions on the other side of the world.  After all, we invaded Iraq.  We fire-bombed Dresden.  We dropped the atomic bomb.  Right?  But it should be possible to own up to the misdeeds our societies have perpetrated, without losing sight of the fact that, on the whole, the moral code of the average person in the Western world today is FAR more enlightened than that of the average Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia, or the average Taliban enthusiast in Afghanistan.  We still have a long way to go -- as evidenced by our treatment of animals and the environment.  But we're not all the same.  Not even close!

Anyone who's convinced that the Muslim moral code is equal to that of the West should really go live in Saudi Arabia for a while.  Or Iran....or Afghanistan...Pakistan...Yemen...the Sudan...Indonesia...Malaysia, or any one of the dozens of hell-holes around the world that have been shaped by Islam, more than any other factor.  (Seriously -- just go! Send us a postcard sometime.)  

The evidence is overwhelming.  But liberals have so beguiled themselves with the mantra that "people are the same everywhere", that many of them are simply unable to process that evidence. 

We're not all the same.  And here's a simple test to prove it.  If your daughter had the misfortune to be raped, would you try your best to comfort and console her, and provide medical attention, or would you bludgeon her to death, to redeem the family "honor"?  

The fact is, it really matters what people believe.  It matters because, to a large extent, their beliefs guide their actions.  If you've been brainwashed, from your earliest days, into believing that embracing a certain religion will gain you eternal life in Paradise -- and that rejecting that religion will cause you to burn in hell for eternity -- your priorities are going to be very different.  This sort of delusional thinking accounts for many of the horrors that took place in Christian Europe during the Dark Ages...and for much of the stupidity that goes on in Red State America today.  It's this sort of religious fantasy that motivates the Wahhabis, the Taliban, the Council on American Islamic Relations, and all other Islamists everywhere. 

It's hard for many of us to believe that, even today, in our wired-up, largely literate, Science-A-Go-Go world, grown people can actually believe in such childish myths.  But for millions of Muslims (and Christians) heaven and hell are not the obvious fabrications of ancient con men; they're "reality" -- every bit as real to them as these notions were for their Iron Age forbears. That's why their religion is so vitally important to them.  And, until you get your head around that simple, but hard-to-digest fact, you'll be forever mystified by their actions and their culture.  Until you realize that they actually believe this stuff, you may be susceptible to the reassuring lie that "we all want the same things in life".  The True Believers aren't worried about this life.  It's the next life (the non-existent one) that they're focused on.

All societies are NOT equally enlightened.  All cultures are NOT equally humane or moral.  All ideologies are NOT equally beneficial.  Simply watching the evening news, without the distorting lens of cultural relativism, is enough to confirm this obvious truth.

The deal is, sometimes an ideology comes along that really fucks up people's heads, and their hearts, on a massive scale.  Islam is Exhibit A. 
Peace out, little sister! Who says suicide bombers don't get irony?
The Invisible Man tells our Enlightenment ideals where to get off.  (Translation: "The only freedom I want is the freedom to believe in stupid shit...and turn London into Lahore".)