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CAUTION!  The Savvy Kafir is a PC-free zone!  On this site, political correctness, cultural relativism, and religious sensibilities are openly mocked, ridiculed, disparaged, discouraged and generally ill-treated.  This material is intended for mature, free-thinking progressives who are able to step away from the liberal herd, reject groupthink, and examine each issue on its own merits.  If that sounds like you, then welcome!  Willkommen!  ¡Bienvenido!  

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British liberal Pat Condell gives politically correct appeasers of Islam a good talking-to.
Let's prove them wrong!  Let's do everything in our power to ensure that democracy, liberty, critical thinking, human rights,
and basic human decency will dominate the world, instead of barbarism, misogyny, ignorance, and superstition.
Western culture vs. Islamic culture:
a celebration of what's at stake, and a grim reminder of what's coming our way.
The Savvy Kafir website & Intro to Islam

This site is intended to complement & supplement my ebook, Intro to Islam by (eventually) providing:

*  A video gallery on the Savvy Kafir YouTube channel that allows you to hear the truth about the "Religion of Peace" from the mouths of the True Believers themselves, and to see Islam in action, in both Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries around the world -- plus videos from left-wing counter-jihadis such as Pat Condell and Sam Harris.

*  A photo gallery featuring compelling images from the world of Islam -- because sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. 

*  An online bookstore (via Amazon), offering a choice selection of books & ebooks for the budding cultural counter-jihadi or anyone wishing to continue their research on this subject. 

*  The Savvy Kafir Forum, where progressives & liberals concerned about the threat of Islam can exchange ideas & information. 

*  Links to organizations dedicated to the cultural counter-jihad. 

*  Links to web-based campaigns, boycotts and petitions designed to push back against the insidious influence of Islam. 

*  Links to websites providing additional information on Islam & the threat it poses to civilized societies.

*  The Savvy Kafir Facebook page, for ... whatever Facebook is used for.

*  A Savvy Kafir blog, used for posting news & commentary on the global War of Ideas and the Progressive Counter-Jihad.

P.S.  Please excuse the slapdash, slammed-together appearance of this site!  It will get better!  It was put together in a hurry, to coincide with the publication of the first Savvy Kafir ebook. 

The Savvy Kafir / June 24th, 2015

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The Savvy Kafir Community

In the face of widespread, aggressive Islamism, we need to see the rise of a global community of "savvy kafirs".  People who understand Islam and the threat it poses to the civilized world.  Freedom-loving progressives (and right-wingers) who are determined to resist religious fanatics promoting a vision of life straight out of Seventh Century Arabia

This site, and Intro to Islam, are me doing my bit to help foster & encourage a bold new breed of savvy counter-jihadis.  Left-leaning people who reject the liberal community's hysterical, knee-jerk defense of the world's most ultra-conservative ideology.  Clear-eyed progressives who recognize a hostile ideology when they see it.  Strong, independent people who are able to break away from the herd when they see that the herd is racing towards a precipice. 

Maybe someday the liberal community as a whole will come to its senses regarding Islam, and stop making excuses for this barbaric religion.  That day seems a long way off, when you visit liberal venues such as Daily Kos, NPR, or The Guardian.  But at some point, the truth regarding the "Religion of Peace" will simply become inescapable, as jihadis around the world engage in more & more shocking acts of savagery, and Muslim immigrants make more & more outrageous demands in their adopted countries.  My hope is that this realization won't come too late.     

In the meantime, please do what you can to help spread the word among your fellow progressives.  Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, comments posted on liberal websites, Letters to the Editor of left-leaning newspapers, and any means available to educate your fellow Lefties.  Plugs for this site and the Intro to Islam ebook are greatly appreciated!  Please put those Facebook "like" buttons and Twitter buttons to good use!  That's a quick & easy way to make a BIG difference in the fight to preserve free speech & other progressive values. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give -- and welcome to the savvy kafir community! 

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Waking Up to World War III: It's Time to Stop Hitting "Snooze"!

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The Savvy Kafir
Delivering the straight dope on Islam, in a liberal-friendly environment!
savvy / sa-vē / (informal):  Knowledgeable or streetwise.

kafir / kaf-er / (Arabic):  An infidel or unbeliever.

The Savvy Kafir:  A free-thinking, freedom-loving progressive dedicated to driving a stake through the heart of religious superstition, before it kills us all.

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Welcome to The Savvy Kafir -- bringing the progressive wing of the cultural counter-jihad direct to your desktop, laptop, smart phone or what-cha-got, via the magic of the World Wide Web! 

This site was created to bring well-meaning but misinformed liberals up to speed on the grim realities of Islam and the threat it poses to everything we Lefties are supposed to stand for.  Things like democracy, free speech, freedom of the press, women's rights, gay rights, and other essential human (and animal) rights. 
Excerpts from the new Savvy Kafir ebook,

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